7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 18


It's Friday (YAY!) already - how was your week? 

1. We finished the barstools! 


One of Joseph and I's summer projects was to refinish a pair of bar stools I had picked up about a year ago. We reinforced the legs, sanded down the wood, stained the wood, replaced the foam and covered them with this cheerful, cute fabric.

It's so nice to see the project complete. It's been a source of frustration at multiple points for both Joseph and I, but seeing them finished and sitting in our living room makes it worth it. The only thing is that Wilson's cage sits right under our bar, so there isn't any room for the bar stools. So now we have two random bar stools in weird places in our living room. 

2. Summer is for baseball (and selfies)


Sunday night we joined my side of the family for a night out at the baseball field. We couldn't leave without taking a few selfies, and Sophia was ready for her closeup. I can't decide whose face is funnier - Sophia's or Joseph's in the background. 

3. I adventure to the gym to work off last week's dessert(s)


Last week I wrote that I'd signed up for a women's only gym. Earlier this week I went to try it - and it was great! The only problem that I had was finding out where the heck to scan my card to get into the gym. I'm sure the women inside got a good laugh (and I came in with 'I'm new' radiating off of me). 

I had a great workout, finished up and got ready to leave. Then the door wouldn't open. I pushed, pulled, and then looked around to see if there was something I was missing. Oh, only the big 'push to exit' button right in front of me. Oh well, next time I'll be a pro at entering and exiting. 

4. Sunflower farms


I've always wanted to run around in a sunflower field. And beings that I'm from Kansas, and the sunflower is our state's official flower, you'd think I would have done that by now. But Wednesday night was my first time and it was gorgeous. The women in my weekly Bible study joined me and it was so beautiful to be able to experience a sunflower field for the first time with those ladies. Even though the field was a very popular spot that night, it was beautiful to see everyone out there enjoying nature together. 

5. Sunflower sunsets 


If Kansas sunsets are gorgeous, Kansas sunsets in a sunflower field pretty much take the cake. We were able to stick around in the field to watch the sunset over the hill. 


The best part? These pictures are just from my phone's camera. Every time I say that I should get a  real camera, my phone comes through with pictures like this. 

6. My non-symmetrical head


In a moment of weakness, last month I chopped off some of my hair. I thought it would be the perfect mix between a pixie and a bob haircut. But it turns out that, a couple of days after the hair stylist magic wore off, it was just a non-symmetrical haircut that made my head look crooked. So today I'm going to get it evened out and see what happens. Pictures to follow next week. 

7. Willllsssoooonnnn . . . . loves cranberries 

Wilson has found his favorite food in the whole wide world - dried cranberries. He will do anything for them (except get back into his cage after free time, because he doesn't particularly like to do that anyway). It's been great to be able to interact with him this week. We set up a little gated area where we sit with him and he is able to explore around us! He's off to the vet next week for a nail trim, so we'll keep you updated on how that goes. 

Have a great weekend!