7 Quick Takes Friday - Volume 14

01. Mady returns!  

Mady left for her Disney internship right after Joseph and I's wedding. She came home for a couple of days in May to pack up for her job as a camp counselor at Camp Wojtyla in Colorado. But she's back! So I stole her for a day on Monday and explored Kansas City with her. Needless to say, I told her she has to stay in Kansas for at least six months and the next time she leaves for Colorado, she has to pack Joseph and I in her suitcase. 

02. Mural Explorers   

Kansas City has some gorgeous wall murals, so Mady and I went exploring Monday and found some gems. Check out this gorgeous art! 

03. Wilderness Explorers

Joseph and I decided to go on an impromptu hiking and camping adventure last weekend. We packed up our gear (in our brand new hiking backpacks!) and headed out to our campsite at 7:15 pm. We got there just in time to set up our tent and start a fire before the sunset. We're basically full wilderness explorers. 


Then we woke up to rain splattering on our tent AND a huge spider hiding under our rain cover. So we packed up at super speed and dashed to our car before getting too wet. It was a great adventure! 

The view from our car that morning. 

The view from our car that morning. 

04. Conquering Fears

If you know me, you know I hate fish. And things that swim in the ocean. And although I don't mind the taste of fish (and if I eat fish, there are less of them in the ocean, right?), shrimp are not my favorite thing to eat or cook. So when a shrimp recipe pops up in our weekly plans, usually I cook dinner with Joseph that night and let him handle those little cockroaches of the ocean.

But last night I made this shrimp creole over rice by myself! And it tasted really good! So I'm slowly conquering my fears, one dinner dish at a time. 

05. Wedding Bells! 


This beautiful woman is getting married today and we're so excited to go celebrate with her! It's going to be one heck of a dance party. Praying for a beautiful marriage for the newly married couple. 

06. Hanging Out

Shout out to this hammock for being one of the best ways to relax on a weekend. Joseph and I hung up our hammock at his family's house this weekend and we were joined by Joseph's sister, Natalie, and his mom too! We all hung out (literally) and then settled down and promptly fell asleep. Hammocks are so much more comfortable than I ever thought! 

Even better than the picture above is this picture Joseph snapped where it looks like I have a floating head. 

07. Wilson is back! 

I sat down to dinner with some friends last weekend and multiple people brought up the fact that Wilson's absence from last week's quick takes was very disappointing. Wilson was glad he was missed, and honestly still hasn't forgiven me for leaving him out last week. So to mend things, here is an adorable picture of the little guy from this week.


He's been enjoying this cool weather Kansas has miraculously had this week, since the summer heat was causing him to shed like crazy. I cleaned his cage and swept up what felt like half of a rabbit. But other than a slight case of (natural) hair loss, he's as energetic as ever!