7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 13

01. How do we Live Liturgically? 


The Catholic Church invites us to live liturgically, but sometimes, that can be a scary invitation. How do you keep track of all the amazing saint feasts days and liturgical celebrations? Having a calendar is a good place to start. So when Jessica from Telos Art asked me to review her calendar, I was pumped.  I wrote about the calendar in the latest post on the blog and you can win your own liturgical living calendar here! 

02. Beer and Benedictines 

The Benedictine monks from Atchison, KS put together a fun evening of conversation and brews right here in Kansas City, so Joseph and I couldn't pass it up. On top of getting to try some great local beers, Father Jay gave an incredible talk about how to beat the noon day devil that plagues a lot of millennials by incorporating monastic life into our everyday living  as lay people.

03. Summer is for Church Hopping 

Joseph was on retreat last weekend and I got the hankering to visit a beautiful church. I meandered down to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and wasn't disappointed. The arches, the amazing stained glass windows and the altar were amazing. If you are ever downton in Kansas City Missouri, you should definetly check this gem out. 

04. Tuesdays at the Boulevard 

Well, there seems to be a theme here of alcohol and Catholic social events. I'm not complaining! We went to an event hosted by City on a Hill called Tuesdays at the Boulevard. Young adults from the KC area get together for Mass and confession then head over to drink Boulevard beer at their brewery. I volunteered to sing and play guitar for Mass and met some amazing women who also love music. I hadn't played music at Mass since last December, so this was a great experience. 

05. Happy Feast day, Saint John Vianney! 


Speaking of liturgical living and feast days - August 4th is the feast day of Saint John Vianney. He was a French saint and the patron of parish priests. Check out these 6 prayers you should be praying for the priests in your life! 

06. This is Why Women Need to Stop Playing Hard to Get 


I'll never forget how overjoyed my friends and family were when I told them that a great guy had asked me out on a date. My friends from college, family, and even complete strangers, were so excited to offer their support. I was surrounded by encouragement, pre-date pep talks, outfit recommendations, funny first date stories, and an abundance of dating advice.

When I look back on all of the advice I was given, there is no doubt in my mind that it was all well-intentioned. But what I quickly came to realize is that not all dating advice is created equal. After that first date with Joseph, I tested out quite a few of the pieces of advice that were given to me. While some of them turned out to be unhelpful, others were downright destructive when put into practice. Head over to Aleteia to figure out why playing hard to get is awful dating advice for women. 

07.  How Can We Reject a Culture of Non-Commitment?

When I’m invited to an event on Facebook, I have a couple of RSVP options. I can say “going,” “can’t go,” or “interested.” So when I’m trying to plan out a month’s worth of events, it can be easy to default with a “maybe” instead of “yes” — after all, it’s more convenient to keep our options open.

But when I avoid making a commitment, I’m buying into today’s culture of non-commitment.

So how do we turn the tide against non-commitment and start pursuing intentional relationships with friends and family? Dr. Clifford Lazarus, a clinical psychologist, has found that one simple word can make a huge difference in the level of intimacy in your relationship. Check out what that one word is over at Aleteia.