7 Quick Takes Friday - Volume 12

01. Starting Mornings Off Right 


This week I've been working on starting my mornings off with scripture. It's not something that I've been committed to in the past, so this week has been a conscious effort to start my morning off with God and His word. It's amazing to see how investing in time with God can impact the rest of the day. 

02. When You Don't Have an Electric Coffee Grinder . . .


. . . you use a power drill. It may look weird, but hey, it's a lot easier than grinding espresso by hand! 

03. Summer Soup 

You may think that fall and winter are the seasons for warm soups. Well, this week on the menu in the Langr house was summer soup. Honestly, it was hot enough that I could have put the pot out on the patio and cooked it just as fast as on the stove. But regardless of the warm weather, this soup was delicious! 

04. Thanks, NFP!

This past week has been NFP Awareness week, and guys, the internet has been on FIRE with some awesome articles about people's experience with Natural Family Planning. 

Here are some pieces on NFP that I've written lately! 

The Nitty-Gritty of Natural Family Planning - Joseph and I's experience with NFP in marriage.
Charting Your Fertility May Be the Best Self-Care You Can Give Yourself
4 Reasons Why I Practiced NFP as a Single Woman

05. Daily Reminders to Trust 

I love this ring from Pink Salt Riot that I got in the mail this week! It's such a good reminder to trust Christ daily. It's been so good to glance down at my hand while typing, folding laundry, or driving and pray this simple prayer. 

Guess what? Old Fashioned Girl readers get a unique, special 15% off their order from Pink Salt Riot with the code OLDFASHIONEDGIRL. Check out the Pink Salt Riot shop today! What is your favorite piece? 

06. A Letter to the Woman Preparing for Marriage

If you're discerning marriage or engaged, check out my latest podcast - 'A Letter to the Woman Preparing for Marriage.' I sit down and chat with Sarah (aren't her and Kevin so cute?) about her engagement and how to focus on prepping for a wedding and a marriage. You can listen to the episode on iTunes, Google Play or on my website

07. Share a Coke with Wilson 


I grabbed lunch with my dad while he was in town. He gave me a ride back to where I had parked and I had to snap a quick picture of his Coke bottle. Unfortunately, Wilson's diet does not include caffeine (guys, he has enough energy already), so we did not share it with him.