7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 02.

01. Sister, sister. 


It was so nice to take a break away from KS and take a road trip to see Miss Mady. She was able to get all three days off on vacation from Disney, and we spent the time so well.  We hit the beach, visited Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom, and then spent some time on the trails before heading back to Kansas. 

It rained all weekend back in Kansas, so we picked the perfect weekend to hit the road. 

02. Coffee is my love language 

I borrowed a book on coffee from the library and am super excited about how many recipes for coffee are in it! Joseph and I tried one out this week - it was delicious! It's a Caffe Mocha. We'll be opening our house cafe in no time. . . .next step, latte art. 

03. Take me out to the ball game.

Joseph, some friends from work, and I are going to watch the Royals play baseball tonight. They've not had such a great season so far, so hopefully they'll have a win tonight! 

04. Give away!!

If you haven't entered this win this awesome book, you still have time! Check out the giveaway by clicking here. 

05. All the sacraments 

My little brother, Liam, received his first communion today. We took a nice family picture at the church, and couldn't resist taking a more fun picture later at lunch. 

06. Celebrating Fatima 

I wrote a new book review over at Epic Pew to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima appearing. Father Thomas McGlynn, a Dominican priest and sculpture, published a book about his knowledge of Fatima called Vision of Fatima. Father McGlynn has special insight into the apparitions – he worked directly with Sister Lucia to create the famous statue of Our Lady of Fatima. His new book is Vision of Fatima. You can read the whole review here - 100th Anniversary: 8 Incredible Facts about Fatima You Should Probably Know

07. A weekly Wilson appearance 

Wilson is getting a little bit braver every day! He's letting me touch him when he's wandering outside the cage.  Still attached to his cat toy as ever, though.