7 Quick Takes 69: Hospital tours, library fees, and free coffee

Phew, it’s been a hot minute since I wrote a 7 quick takes! Life around the Langr house has been kind of hectic lately. We’re prepping for the littlest Langr to make an appearance, cleaning all the cars, installing car seats, and setting up the nursery.

This weekend I’m spending time with my mom and sisters at a local women’s conference, and then we’re taking one last road trip before the baby to see some friends from college. But before we hit the road (with hospital bags in tow, just in case!), here’s what’s been going on with the Langrs lately:

1. Tour official

A few weeks ago, Joseph and I got up early on a week day morning to take a tour of the birth wing of the hospital we’ll be delivering at. Apparently, the hospital has seen it all when it comes to pregnant mamas coming in for delivery. The instructions they sent us home with are super simple - “After you enter the main doors, press the button on the wall and the doors will open.”

It’s the elevator. Just tell me to take the elevator.

Now I’m going to be searching around for the magic button that opens up the wall.

2. The nursery is ready!

Joseph and I were all set last weekend to set up a baby crib and finish up the nursery. I’m not a big fan of assembling furniture, but Joseph is a pro. We pulled up IKEA’s website before heading over there to pick up our crib only to find that they were all out of stock!

Thankfully, it only took a few days for the crib to come back in stock, and now it’s fully assembled in the baby’s room. We’ve got the little mattress, sheets, and changing table set up, too. Our bags are packed and we’re ready to meet this little person any time now.

3. Freshly showered

A few weekends ago, Joseph’s mom and aunts hosted a beautiful baby shower for us. Then last weekend, I got together with friends here in Kansas City for a little baby shower, too! It was great to see friends and family and celebrate the littlest Langr!

4. Dang it, library fees

Well, 2019 was going to be the year with no library fees. Unfortunately, that only lasted for four months. The library charged me $0.30 in overdue fees this week. I returned the book before midnight (okay, it was 10:45pm, it was very close to midnight), so I almost want to not pay the fines and fight ‘em, but it’s $0.30 . . . so probably not the hill for me to die on.

5. Nothing beats free coffee

Even though coffee does not taste nearly as good as it did before I was pregnant with the littlest Langr, cold coffee and I have become good friends again. Thankfully, Dunkin’ has me covered. Thanks to Royal’s Monday, I’m picking up a free iced coffee every Monday. And because we’re T-Mobile users, T-Mobile is giving away free lattes with their T-Mobile Tuesdays app. I think the baristas over at our local Dunkin’ will get to know me on a first name basis here pretty soon.

6. Some fan-girling this weekend

I read a lot of books. There aren’t very many books that I re-read. But My Sisters the Saints is definetly the exception. I’m beyond excited for Colleen’s new book (it’s on my maternity leave reading list!), and she’s one of the main speakers at the women’s conference I’m going to this weekend. I’ve got my fingers crossed for her new books to be on sale at the conference, and the chance to snag a quick photo with the author!

7. Spring is on its way - Wilson is shedding his winter fur!

Kansas has decided to let us experience all four seasons in a week (typical!), so I’m not totally sure that spring is here to stay. But Wilson is shedding like crazy, so maybe he knows something we don’t. All I know is that we had a freeze warning this morning and our living room was full of rabbit hair. Maybe I should gather it all up and knit it into a blanket to keep me warm, since Wilson obviously doesn’t need it!

p.s. Don’t forget about filling those Easter baskets!

Joseph and I were talking about how different Easter will be next year with an almost-one year old baby running around. I told Joseph that I was excited to put together an Easter basket next year for our little, and Stay Close to Christ is a great shop to check out if you’re getting ready to fill those Easter baskets this year! Use the code LETTERS to save 10% off your purchase. Your purchase also supports this blog! Order before Palm Sunday to get your gifts in time!