7 Quick Takes 62: Italy, Advent, and Snow

It’s been quite the week! We celebrated Joseph’s birthday, voted in the midterm elections, and stocked Wilson’s supply up of food and liter for the next few months! This weekend we’re celebrating Friendsgiving, and beginning the task of packing up all our little duplex for the third move in less than three years of marriage.

But before we tape the bottom of the first box (and let’s be honest, I don’t need much to distract me from the packing tasks), here’s a look back on the adventures that have been going on in the Langr household this past week!

1. When you give the Langrs an auction number

Last Saturday night, our parish hosted it’s annual grand gala. Joseph and I weren’t able to go last year, so we were excited. The gym and classrooms were transformed into a scene right out of old Hollywood.

We put our bids in on a few silent auction items and settled in for the live auction after dinner. Although we didn’t bid on the puppy Father donated, we had our auction number ready just in case anything caught our eye.

Halfway through the auction, a trip to Rome came up on the screen. Joseph and I have traveling to Italy on our 5-year plan as a couple, so our ears perked up. But the trip rocketed up to $6,500 before we knew it, and that was a little out of our budget.

But then, a few of the bidders had confusion over the amount and the auction for the trip had to start from scratch. Bidding started again, but no one was bidding on this incredible trip. So, Joseph and I exchanged a glance and threw up our auction number.

No one fought us for the trip, and we found ourselves the proud owners of a trip to Italy next year! Plans are still being determined, but we’re so excited to start planning this trip of a lifetime! Italy, we’re coming for ya!

2. Bring on Advent

We’ve had our eyes out for a good nativity set since last Christmas. At first we’d tried for a Willow Tree set, but none were quite to our liking. Then, at the silent auction last weekend, we laid eyes on a gorgeous nativity set (picture to come when we have it set up for Advent!).

As the silent auction was drawing to a close, we hovered around that nativity set to make sure we placed the winning bid. We won! I’m ready for Advent this year for sure.

3. Well, we tried for a movie night

Tuesday night, Joseph and I settled in after dinner and some errands for a movie night. Joseph has been wanting to watch Rain Man for weeks now, so we decided to go for a full movie on a work night.

We made it about an hour in before we started getting sleepy. Then, as our bedtime rolled around, we had to turn off the movie and head up to bed.

This is what happens after you graduate from college, kids. You used to be able to pull multiple all-nighters a week and stay up until 3:00 am. Now we head to bed before 10:30 pm and can’t make it through a movie. Ah, adulthood.

4. Ben Rector, round three

I had no idea who Ben Rector was when a friend in college asked me if I'd like to go to his concert with her. I knew one of his songs from the radio, but hadn't really spent time listening to his work. It turned out my future husband was at that concert too - only a few rows away from me.

This week, Joseph and I went and saw Ben Rector for the third time when he made a tour stop here in Kansas City. It was incredible! We were so busy enjoying the concert and running into friends that we forgot to take a picture.

Want to know more about Ben Rector? Check out this post from the archives.

5. Snow in NOVEMBER?!

Look, I know it’s getting cold. And I know I live in Kansas, but this week we got our first snow, and I think it’s a little bit ridiculous. Not that the weather is dictated by my thoughts, but if it were, we wouldn’t have snow.

We stood in line for the Ben Rector concert with snow pouring down on us, and when we got out, the whole city was covered in a light dusting. It’s weird to see the gorgeous fall leaves covered with snow, but everything melted or blew off today.

6. Planning for the littlest Langr

We’re 15 weeks along with the littlest Langr, and I’m getting into full preparation mode. I know I won’t want to record “Letters to Women” for a while after he/she is born, so this week I reached out to some women I’ve been wanting to interview for a while and got some things lined up!

I can’t wait to share the upcoming month’s episodes with you, but let’s just say that it’ll include a conversation about Advent and Christmas with Sister Miriam James from SOLT, some real talk about beauty with Leah Darrow, and a beautiful conversation about getting out of our comfort zones with my little sister, Mady!

7. Spoiling Wilson

Wilson’s metal liter box just isn’t cutting it, so last weekend, Joseph and I swung by our local farm store and picked him up a new liter box. It’s his third liter box in two months, but no one is counting over here.

The good news is, he likes it! The bad news is that the liter box is smaller than all of his other liter boxes and we have to change it more often. Oh well, we win some, we lose some.