7 QT 61: Halloween, Galas, and Vitamins

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! This week has been full of celebrations, community, and lots of good food. This weekend, Joseph and I are headed to our parish’s annual fundraising gala and going home for a family dinner.

But before we get all fancy, here’s our latest adventures from this past week!

1. Dunkin’ Donuts alternatives

I’m pretty sure everyone at Dunkin’ thinks I died (or moved away). I used to be a three-times-a-week regular and now I only show my face there when I’m craving glazed donuts, which is rare these days.

However, I still needed a place to work from during the week so I didn’t become a little vampire introvert in my basement, typing away on my computer. But it had to be a place that didn’t smell like coffee. Enter Panera.

It’s not usually busy in the afternoon, they have some great tea options, and it smells like bread. What more could a pregnant woman want?

But hey, on a coffee related note, I had my first cup of coffee in three months last weekend! Joseph and I hit the road for a trip back home and a Quick Trip frozen coffee sounded amazing. I was worried that I would be disappointed when I had it in my hands, but it. was. amazing.

However, I haven’t gotten back into the hot coffee swing of things, and that’s okay.

2. All the vitamins

Last week, I gave up on trying to be an adult about taking vitamins. I was gagging on my prenatal vitamins, and the aftertaste was leaving me wishing I was closer to the bathroom. So I asked Joseph to make a Walgreens run and he returned with a huge bottle of gummy prenatal vitamins. Because I’m a child, er, with child.

It’s like candy. Which is dangerous, I know. Don’t worry, I stick to the two vitamin a day recommendation. But holy smokes, it’s so nice not to dread taking vitamins at the end of the day.

3. He’s a quarter of a century

Joseph turned 25 this past week and we had so much fun celebrating with Indian food and a trip to a local board game bar for a night of games. It’s crazy to think just three years ago I was celebrating his birthday with him for the first time!

Tonight some friends are coming over for a sort-of-surprise party. Joseph knows it’s happening, but hasn’t figured out all the guests yet. I can’t give away too many details, since he’s a dedicated reader of 7 Quick Takes Fridays, but I’ll fill you in on all the details next week.

4. Well, Halloween, I tried

It’s no secret that I’m an introvert. I hate answering my door if I don’t know who’s on the other side. It would have been super easy Wednesday night to put a bowl of candy on the front porch and hide in the basement. Or, let’s be honest, to close the curtains and take the chocolate with me to the basement.

But we’re called to be generous and welcoming to the stranger at our door, and Halloween is a perfect time to practice loving the littlest of our neighbors (and get out of my comfort zone).

So I left the curtains open and sat upstairs Halloween night.

No one showed up.

Now this pregnant lady has a whole bowl of chocolate in her kitchen tempting her. If you want chocolate, hit me up.

5. Getting fancy

This weekend, our parish is holding their annual grand gala fundraiser. Joseph and I bought our tickets a couple of weeks ago and are pumped to get fancy and support Holy Spirit. I’m trying to figure out which one of my “cocktail attire” dresses is still going to fit this little baby bump.

On another note, their auctioning off a puppy this year, and I’m going to have to sit on my hands during the bidding. I don’t think Wilson would appreciate the company, and I can’t juggle a new baby and a puppy. But it’s going to be tempting, not going to lie.

6. Taco Tuesday on a Friday (and everyday next week)

We’re bumping into week 14 (WHAT!) this week with our littlest Langr. This week, the baby is the size of a taco, which blows my mind. I constantly have to remind myself to stop thinking that this is what it would look like if I swallowed a taco whole. That’s not how pregnancy works.

Since the baby is now the size of one of my favorite meals, which I also can’t think too much about, that means that every night is Taco Tuesday night for the Langr house, right? No?

7. Mama Mia!

Last night I got together with some girlfriends for our musical movie night. Joseph isn’t a big fan of musicals, and I love watching new ones, so I get my musical fix with the girls about once a month. This time was my pick, and since I’ve never seen Mama Mia, I thought it’d be the perfect time to discover it.

Unfortunately, the musical commits a lot of cinema sins. It turns out the plot line of the musical is kind of janky. The singing is so-so, but those songs? Those are going to be in my mind for the rest of the . . . month. Mama Mia! How could I resist?