7 QT 54: First dates, book contracts, and sloths


It's almost the weekend! This week has been full of change and brand new projects (for more details, keep reading!) for the Langr family. Here's a quick look at the adventures that Joseph and I have been on lately! 

1. A first date (recreated)


Joseph and I went on our first date (and my first ever first date!) three years ago this summer. We decided to recreate the date when we saw the county fair was in town and realized we hadn't been to the fair together since the summer we met.

We dressed in the same outfit, wandered around the fair grounds together, and ate dinner at the same restaurant we ate at on our first date.

A few things were different. We were significantly less awkward than the first date - after all, we know a little more about each other than we did on our first date.  He still leads me to Jesus. I can't to see the plans Jesus has in store for us and our marriage - and I'm forever thankful for that first date! 

2. This year is . . . booked!


"When are you going to write a book?"

That question began popping up in conversation with friends and family after I graduated from college. But I didn't want to write a book just to say I'd written a book. 

I wanted to write a book that allowed me to connect with women authentically, to share my story in a healthy, vulnerable way, and to explore what it means to be a women living out the feminine genius in today's culture. 

I'm excited to announce that I've signed a contract with Our Sunday Visitor to write a book that encompasses all of those values. I can't wait to share more as the project progresses.

Please keep the project in your prayers as I dive into the writing process, work with the editing team, and drink way more coffee than I probably should!

3. Speaking of new things . . . 

Tuesday was my last day at the local Catholic bookstore I've been working at since last Fall. I've loved my time at the bookstore and can't wait to continue to shop there as a customer!

On Wednesday, I started working for Holy Family School of Faith here in Kansas City. I've joined their communications team and have loved my first few work days with them! 

4. Record all the podcasts!


Joe Heschmeyer, co-host of the Catholic Podcast joined me in the studio this week to record our podcast for next week! Looking for podcast episodes to listen to this weekend? Check out our recent episode on Natural Family Planning, and keep an eye out for our episode on the Eucharist to hit iTunes, Google Play, and our website this Monday! 

5. Sloths are my spirit animal


While waiting for a wedding reception to start, Joseph and I took a quick walk around our local mall. I couldn't resist scooping up all the sloth things when we stopped in at Francesca's. The little sloth plush has little Velcro arms that wraps around a little baby sloth (who's also a finger puppet). Does it get any cuter than that?

No. It really doesn't. 

6. Speaking of weddings . . .

What's a wedding reception without some Langr selfies with random objects? 


Congratulations Jacob and Rachel, we loved celebrating with you! 


7. I caught the Airbnb decorating bug

Joseph and I stayed in quite a few airbnbs during our vacation to Colorado a few weeks ago. After seeing all of the adorable decorations (shout out to IKEA), I came home with the decorating bug. While our hiking clothes were in the washing machine and we were unpacking all of our gear, I pulled out all of the home decor boxes from our storage closet.


Hanging some pictures on the wall and redecorating a few corners of the house has made our house feel so much more like a home this week!