7 QT 48: Germans, goats, and glasses

Happy Friday, friends! Joseph and I have a three day weekend, so we're slowly getting ready around the house this morning. We got the trash out in time, made coffee, and listened to music. We've got a slow weekend ahead of us, with a parish picnic on Sunday! But before we grab the picnic blanket, here's a quick look back on our week in the Langr house: 

1. Oh, this is what glasses are supposed to fit like

After a week of wearing my new glasses, I came to the slow realization that they just didn't fit my face. Between some crazy headaches and indents on my nose from the nose-piece, I knew something wasn't quite right. I walked into the eye doctors for an adjustment on Monday and the women working there questioned why I hadn't come in sooner. 

I don't know, I'm stubborn? 

It turns out they were really out of whack. As in, I spent a solid twenty minutes getting the nose piece adjusted. Also I found out that my ears sit lower than my eyeballs, which just makes glasses generally difficult. Now they're all adjusted and feeling so much better. I don't know why I didn't do that sooner. 


2. Let's play a round of 'spouse or sibling' 

When Joseph and I were on our honeymoon last year in Chicago, we wandered through the swanky, multi-floor Macy's. As we ascended the floors, things continued to get more and more expensive.

Then we hit the fur coat section. Some of which cost more than our entire wedding. About that time a saleswoman saw us and asked if we were siblings, on our senior high school trip. No, we responded. We're actually a married couple. On our honeymoon.

I'm not sure how much Joseph and I will look alike as we age, but if we're getting mistaken for siblings on our honeymoon, I think that means we'll end up looking like identical twins once we hit retirement. Which brings us to this fun game of 'spouse or sibling'.   

Joseph went into the eye doctor and is due for new glasses, but the frames he likes look eerily similar to mine. He's tried my new frames on and said 'Oh, these look good on me.' So today we're going to make the final frames decision. Our parameters? Spouse or siblings. Whichever doesn't make us look like twins, I'm down for. 


3. How I built this  

Once I find a podcast that I like, I tend to binge listen. The latest podcast on my queue has been 'How I Built This' with Guy Raz. Each episode, guy sits down with a business builder and asks them, well, how they built their business. 

I may have listened to the episode with the founder of Patagonia three times this week already. It just makes me want to throw on an overpriced sweater and go surfing. And I hate the ocean. 

If you're looking for a podcast to listen to this weekend, 'How I Built This' makes great binge listening material. 


4. We're camping in the rain

Joseph and I are planning our trip this summer for Colorado, but we also have been planning on some local camping trips this summer. This weekend, we're testing out our equipment at a local lake. We figured it's a good way to see what we'll need and what we don't. 

Only, there's rain in the forecast. So we'll be discovering our lack of rain gear, I think.

Granted, it may not rain. It may be beautifully dry, with not a cloud in site. Or there could be a thunderstorm and our tent could get blown away. This is Kansas, after all. 


5. Back to my German roots (also, I want a goat) 

Last weekend, Joseph and I took a quick road trip down to Topeka for the annual Germanfest celebration at the parish I grew up in. We ate German food, spent some time chatting in the beer garden, and then we settled down for the auction.

This year's hot auction item was a baby goat. And the baby goat was there. Why hasn't this been a feature of every Germanfest? The goat's name was Boots and it ended up going for $700, a little bit out of my goat budget. But it was great to hang out with Boots, who was walking around the Germanfest on a little leash. Like a tiny puppy, but *surprise!* it's a goat. However, speaking of dogs . . . 


6. A cure to puppy fever

No, we're not getting a dog. Yet.

But, a friend of ours here in Kansas City asked for someone to come play with her puppy a few times a week. And go on walks with it. And feed it. And cuddle with it. I'm going over to meet her puppy this weekend, but I am pumped. Oh, and there's also a kitten in the same house. So I'm curing two pet fevers with one trip - either that, or this will make me want a dog of our own even more. 

Expect regular 7 quick takes appearances from this puppy. 


7. My not so unique coffee mug

After posting a picture of my 'unique' coffee mug in last week's 7 Quick Takes, Joseph and I went over to his parent's house for dinner. Lo and behold, my sister in law, Natalie has the same coffee mug. Well, not the exact same, but the same concept.

Then a friend texted me a picture of his matching coffee mug - the twin to my 'unique' coffee mug. It turns out it's not so unique. But it still keeps my hands warm, so it's got that going for it. But it's good to know that, if I break it (which knowing me will be soon), I can find a replacement.