7 QT 45: Food trucks, wine, and embroidery kits

Happy Friday! It's almost the weekend, Prince Harry is getting married today (are you even a royals fan if you don't own this swimsuit?), and the weather in Kansas has been gorgeous this past week. This weekend, Joseph and I are headed back to Joseph's college town to get lunch with friends and do some hiking.

But before we dust off our hiking shoes and jump in the car, here's a quick look back at our adventures from the past week:


1. Still. no. new. glasses.

My glasses still haven't come into the optometrist, so I'm still waiting. I'm not being very patient. I think I must have accidentally prayed for patience, so Jesus is giving me some great opportunities to grow in that virtue. I've discovered that waiting for my frames to get here is almost as bad as waiting for final grades to post in college. 


2. We love ourselves some food truck festivals


Every since it started getting a little warmer, Joseph and I have been on the hunt for a good food truck. We always seem to miss them. So last weekend when we were home for graduations and Mother's Day, we were thrilled to see that there was a food truck festival downtown going on Saturday evening.

We food truck hopped and ended up with some gyro fries, a Mexican coke, and green chile pork. When we ordered the pork, I expected it to be a pile of pork with green chiles on top. But they handed us a flour tortilla full of pork rice and chiles that had more of a soup texture. It was fantastic! Now just to find some food trucks in KC and give them a try, too! 


3. Wine: pairs nicely with good friends

When I go to pick out a bottle of wine, I usually make my selection based on the label. No, not what the label says, what the label looks like. I realize this pretty much like choosing a book based on it's cover. However, my knowledge of wine is so menial that I figure if I hate the wine, at least we have a neat wine bottle to turn into a flower vase or something.

One of my good friends from my alma mater graduated this weekend. Her graduation reception was at a winery, which was perfect. Joseph and I tried a few samples. This particular winery used quite a bit of Kansas-grown grapes, which was a great touch. On that note, if you know of any good wine tasting spots in the KC area, let me know, I'd love to expand my horizons. 


4. Aldis, you've done it again


Last week while we were grocery shopping, we wandered into the magical aisle at Aldis. We were surrounded by lawn chairs, goat cheese, and mango salsa. But at the end of the discovery aisle sat a cute little embroidery kit. For a whopping $7.99, I am set for some summer crafting. I knew I could count on you, Aldis.

Also, speaking of grocery shopping, how do you say Aldis? Aldis or Aldi (without the s). I grew up saying Aldis, but have come to the realization that not everyone says it that way. Joseph pointed out that I don't say 'Walmarts' or 'Targets', which was a fair point. But it just rolls of your tongue. . . Aldis. 


5. A brand new, behind the scenes podcast

Letters to Women.png

If you're a member of my team on patreon and support the podcast at $10 a month or more, there's exciting news this week! I just released the first episode of an exclusive behind the scenes podcast. In each episode, I discuss some of my favorite writings from Saint Pope John Paul II, and shine the feminine spotlight on a different saint. This month I talked about 'On the Dignity and Vocation of Women' and learned about Saint Joan of Arc and how she lived out the feminine genius with courage in her daily life. Want to find out more? Click here. 


6. Ben Rector, give me those tour dates

One of Joseph and I's favorite singer/songwriters is Ben Rector. We've been to quite a few of his concerts. After we started dating, we discovered that we were even at the same Ben Rector concert together before we knew each other (just on other sides of the room). Our first dance was a Ben Rector tune, and his songs are played throughout our house on a regular basis. 

Today a few new Ben Rector singles were released. There may or may not be a little old fashioned bike bell sound in his new song, which is fantastic. He's also announcing a new tour, so we're clicking 'refresh' regularly on his website and waiting for the dates to drop. I don't know what I'm more excited for, Ben Rector's tour dates to release or my new glasses to come in. 


7. Some(bunny) is nice and clean

Because Wilson refuses to eat half of his food (it looks different!), he hasn't been getting a balanced diet lately. During his protest, he's also been drinking quite a bit more water. Last weekend I was cleaning his cage and found that, as a result, his litter box was soggy and full of pee. When I picked him up to brush him and check on his finger nails, I discovered his stomach, feet, and bottom were coated in litter box sogginess. 

He promptly was given a sponge bath by Joseph - and since his stomach was matted, he got a little haircut, too. He was not happy. However, after being rewarded with cranberries, he's forgiven us. I've been balancing out his diet with hay and veggies, but I'm still trying to figure out why he isn't a fan of the darker pellets.