-1-WOW! I'm actually doing a 7 quick takes!
I got up really early this morning, so I'm able to
fit this blog post in before I head off for the last
day of classes this week.  So glad to be
back, you guys.  I hadn't realized how much
I missed blogging. *Sigh*.

Best part of the upcoming weekend?  Adoration
on Saturday night.  Cannot wait to pour out
my heart and soul before Our Lord.
Let's just say we've got some things to
discuss....which means I need to
be working on my listening skills.

College is crazy! I've learned that the
energy level of drained is my new normal.
Midterms started yesterday (Whaaat?) and
I am realizing that these four years
are literally going to FLY by. One test down...four
more to go!

Currently I am attending a public
University and will finish my Freshman
year in December (credits from high school...
gotta love 'em!).  Due to the fact
that I have seriously been praying about
a degree in Theology with a possible
emphasis on high school education, I called
my "dream (Catholic) college" and am
starting the transfer student applications this weekend.
All depending on financial aid...with the soonest
transfer being Fall of 2014.  Prayers are very very much

We've been studying childhood development
in Psychology this week.  I know what babies
look like in the womb and how they develop due to
having seven siblings and pouring over those one magazines
in the doctor's office that show "what your baby looks like
this month!"  But WOW - isn't God amazing!
1 cell division + 9 months of development and BAM!
There is a baby composed of 1 to 5 trillion cells.

My life was instantly made better
when McDonalds released their pumpkin spice
latte.  Is it as good as Starbucks? Nope.  Is it
cheaper than Starbucks? Yep.  Sounds like a good
college-budget option to me.
Yes, I've had three in the past two weeks.
Let's just say the people at McDonalds need to
get to know me on a first name basis.  The conversation
would go like this:
"Good morning! I'd like to order a medium pumpk...."
"Okay, Chloe, we'll get it right out for you."

Epic, right there.
I forgot how hard it was  to come up
with seven of these!)  So here are some of my favorite
fall memes - see if you can spot a theme!

Okay, and since this is a Catholic blog,

I'll toss in a Catholic meme, too.

God bless and have a great weekend!

Chloe M.