Painting the Mural

I heard this great analogy on Monday about life.  The author in a book I'm reading with Mom said that your life is like a mural being painted.  We watch the mural being formed as our life goes on.  Each part of our life is represented in our lives, and each mural looks different.  Sometimes, we have a very limited view of what the mural is going to look like.  It's like spending the whole time at the art gallery with your nose pressed to a Van Gogh.  Not only are you going to get in some major trouble with the security guard, you also won't ever be able to appreciate the beauty of the painting.

The same goes with life: If you focus on a single area of your life, you won't ever be able to see the beauty of your life as a whole.  For instance, I find myself thinking way too much about my future possible vocation as a wife and mother.  This isn't a bad moderation.  Yet when I sit there and stare at this part of my mural and see that it is pretty bare, I start to question what God is doing.  My prayers vary from bugging God, "Hey, don't you think some romance would look good over here?  It's pretty bare right now!"  to begging God "Please Lord, just a hint of the knowledge that some guy at least thinks I'm kind of attractive.  Just a little, you know, I've never been asked out.  I don't know why I chose not to date if I never have to explain why to some guy." So while I sit there and bug and beg, I'm missing out.  I'm missing out on the beautiful painting God is creating with my family, friends, work, school, faith, etc. I'm just staring with my nose pressed to one section of the mural.

This situation could now turn a couple of ways.  I can continue with the focused look on my romance life, and not take any joy in the time of singleness God has blessed me with.  I could take a step back and see the beauty of life as a whole.  I could even take the paintbrush away from God and scribble in my own romance life.  Only the option where I trust everything to God is going to work out the best.  God's ways are far from my ways, and His plan is so incredible, I couldn't even imagine where He'll start.  Is it tough?  You bet.  But generally nothing worth waiting for is ever easy.  

Take a step back, look at the beauty God is creating around you and thank Him today for it.

God bless,

Chloe M.