A Different Kind of King

What kind of rulers, kings and people in control do you know of?  Ones that come to mind could be King Henry the Eighth, King Louis the Fourteenth,  Nero, Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible, etc.  The rulers we tend to remember are rulers who control everything and are sometimes not so great at their job.

The idea of monarchy is foreign to Americans.  After all, we were founded on an overthrowing of monarchy in this nation.  So our thoughts of kings might not be so high.  What are your thoughts then, when we celebrate the feast of Christ the King?

Are we ready to give Christ control of everything?  We might be wary of this after being burnt by the idea of kings.  Yet Christ isn't this kind of king.  He is a king of truth.  But in the words of Caesar, "What is truth?"

We search and hunt and yearn for truth.  In the world we live in though, truth is sometimes far and in between.  Christ, though, is the ultimate truth and the ultimate King.  He doesn't abuse His people, He loves them.

If Christ is truly the king, we must then be completely loyal subjects and give our WHOLE lives to Him. 

Enjoy this last week before the season of Advent starts!  It's time to dedicate our lives to the King of kings.

God Bless!

Chloe M.