Be Thankful for Everything

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that you had an awesome time to spend with friends and family and just being thankful for everything that God has blessed you with.

Just wanting to leave you with a quick post tonight - this week as been crazy, to put it lightly - I've been having to cover shifts at work for the holiday season, so by Sunday I will have worked forty hours.  In other words, I'm drained.  But, I am incredibly thankful for not one but two amazing jobs that I love.  Yet this forty hours has kicked me hard, and I have to go finish an essay on Jane Eyre.

Quick thought:  Today's Gospel reading had the ten lepers cured, but only one came back to thank Christ for the cure.  Ten percent.  How many times do we really truly thank God for the amazing things He does in our life....about ten percent?  This advent, let's work on bringing that percent up by a lot.

Thank you Lord, for EVERYTHING.

God bless and have an awesome rest of your thanksgiving!

Chloe M.