Wishing You Were Here

Last night, a seventeen year old girl in our town committed suicide.  She jumped off a bridge over our main highway and was struck by a car.  Because of the attention to the trauma instead of the road, there then was a three car accident. 

I didn't know this when we were in dead stop traffic for twenty minutes last night because they closed off the highway completely.  But I knew something was wrong.  So I started to pray. 

When my Dad came home last night, he told my mom about this, but I didn't hear until this morning.  I have no idea who this girl is, at least so far since no names have been put out.  But I feel empty. 

If you had watched the movie To Save A Life, you know what I'm talking about.  All I've thought about is how this could have not happened.  In the comment section on our newspaper article online, someone said they went to school with her, and she was the friendliest and more popular girl that he knew.  So what happened?  We might never know, but I can assure you that her family, the driver of the car who she hit, her soul, and anyone affected by her death is in my prayers - can you keep them in yours? 

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please know that you are not alone.  People love you.  People care about you.  And if you are someone who needs to talk, talk to someone you trust about what you are going through.  It doesn't have to end like this. 

God Bless,