Take a Moment to Pause

For the year of faith, I've decided to go to morning Mass once a week - on Thursdays.  I go to a local Catholic Church, which also has a Catholic school in conjunction with it.  Little did I know that Thursdays are School Masses. 

I love the school Masses.  About a hundred kids from first to third grade sit in the first twenty pews and the rest of the morning Mass people sit behind them.  These kids are the cutest kids I have ever seen.  All in their school uniforms, they all walk in together with their rosaries and kneel down before Mass starts.  (Secretly, I'm also happy that I'm no longer winning the "Youngest-person-at-morning-Mass Award.)

The kids are also in the choir, and then two of them do petitions.  This is where it gets good.

A little boy comes up to say petitions.  Our first petition is for the newly re-elected President and Religious Freedom.  Our second petition is for the poor.  Our third petition? "For all the homeless animals.  That they can be adopted and live in homes."Child, I want to hug you.  Why?

Because I have been SO caught up in this election and then worried about my college application process (countdown: 6 days until music audition!) that I haven't stopped once for about three weeks now.  Every conversation that I have had has been about the future or how we are going to cope.

Simple things like homeless animals make me stop.  Simple things in life are what grounds me.  And lately, I've been ignoring the simple things and focusing on the huge things.  Not that these big things aren't important, but I have to start from the ground up, not the opposite.  That, and I have the sudden urge to go adopt a baby homeless animal. 

God Bless you all,

Chloe M.