Losing Your Identity in the Search

It is easy to lose ourselves.  Sometimes this is a good thing, other times, not so much.  For instance, when we lose ourselves and find our identity in God, good thing.  When we lose ourselves because we find our identity in something not of God, bad thing.

A situation where this losing is rampant is in the dating world.  A young woman who finds her identity in her search for Mr. So-and-So, she can easily forget who she was before her search began.

Fifteen years later, when she is Mrs. So-and-So, she has a chance to sit back and wonder who she is anymore.  She might not even recognize the person she has become. 

How do we avoid this?  Simple.  Realize you are a complete person with or without a boy/girl friend standing by your side.

Battling Loneliness

This is easy to say when you are in a good situation.  But saying you are a complete person is Christ sometimes can seem irrelevant as you sit in your room on Friday night, watching re-runs of reality TV shows and eating chocolate ice cream.

Relationships are not bad.  They are good!  I wouldn't be here if my parents hadn't started a relationship.  But if the relationship gets top billing in your life instead of Christ, the relationship becomes a right thing in the wrong time, or even a wrong thing in the wrong time.

Who is the main person in your life? Someone once said, "Christ should be the first person you talk to in the morning and the last person you talk to at night."  Everything comes together in your life when Christ gets top place.

Look at the Reason

The search for the perfect person is incredibly consuming.  It can easily take over everything in our lives.  When you feel your relationship with God moving further and further down your priority list, step back and take a look.

Are you going to Church because a certain guy will be there?  Are you dressing in a different way because a certain girl might see you?  Are you getting interested in a certain topic because you are trying to get attention from someone?

Christ. Alone. Satisfies.  Nothing else can come close, and everything else that you try to fill your life with won't fill the God-shaped whole in your heart that only one thing fits in.

If you are in a relationship right now that needs re-evaluating, look at this list from www.lifeteen.com :

Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to earn love?

Where do you find fulfillment?

Is your relationship leading you to Jesus? Are you leading the other person to Jesus?

Is love for God what drives you?

Do you recognize Christ in the other person? Is Christ recognizable in you?

Who is the first person you run to?

God bless you all!

Chloe M.