A Season of Singleness and Trust in God, What I am Learning From Elisabeth Elliot


As I shared with you in my last post, reading books has become quiet popular in my house.  Recently, I picked up Passion and Purity - Learning to Bring Your Love Life Under Christ's Control by Elisabet Elliot.  I have read this book before, but I didn't get out of it what I am getting now.  There is a lot of wisdom that Elisabeth shares.  I wanted to share some of it with you.

A Season of Singleness

A concept introduced to me by Jason Evert and Joshua Harris,  the season of singleness is when, as one who is not married or pursuing/being pursued in a romantic relationship, one is able to use their singleness to glorify God.  This is the realization that being single is not the waiting station before romance, it is a present stage to glorify God in.  Your vocation doesn't start when you get married, or when you find someone, it starts NOW. 

This is a good revelation - after all, sometimes we like to jump ahead to the next stage in life, or plan the next step.  It really is surrender to Christ and His will in your life at the present.

A piece of advice given to me by a priest in confession: "Your future vocation discernment should never take away from the vocation you are in now."

God Really Cares

Elisabeth, the author, realized God's involvement and care in her struggle with her relationship with Jim Elliot, her future husband.  Here is a quote from her book that summed up her feelings: "...I was God's.  That much was clear.  But what was God going to do about this?  Was He interested in the plight of two college kids?  Had our cause perhaps escaped notice?  Would he bother with us, when He was busy with who knew how many worlds?" 

God does care!  You and I are His children and He loves nothing more than to be involved in our lives when we open our hearts to His will. 

This can be summed up with this bible verse from Isaiah chapter 40:

"Why do you complain, O Jacob, and you, Israel, why do you say, 'My plight is hidden from the Lord, and my cause has passed out of God's notice?'  Do you not know, have you not heard?  The Lord, the everlasting God, creator of the wide world, grows nether weary nor faint; no man can fathom His understanding.  He gives vigor to the weary, new strength to the exhausted.  Young men grow weary and faint, even in their prime they may stumble and fall; but those who look to the Lord will win new strength, they will grow wings like eagles; they will run and not be weary, thy will march on and never grow faint."   

You are already a whole person...already.

Our culture is so focused on relationships.  "Who are you with?", "Who's your boyfriend/girlfriend?"  If they aren't in a relationship, they are trying to get into one.

A common phrase heard is, "You complete me."  No, that person doesn't complete you.  You are already a whole person in Christ, and no boy/girl is going to complete you more than Christ has already made you a new creation. 

You don't need someone to "complete" you.  You have to recognize your wholeness in God.

Don't Worry....Trust.

Philippians 4:6 says, "Have no anxiety, but in everything make your requests known to God." 

During Elisabeth and Jim's stages of their relationship, there was a lot of sacrifice and prayer for God's will.  Both of them wished for God's will in their WHOLE lives, not just parts of it. 

Elisabeth compared their sacrifice to Abraham.  Yet at the end of the sacrificial story,  God saves Issac and Abraham builds a nation on these two people.  Be aware - Christ could be using this time of sacrifice to see what you are willing to give Him - are you willing to give Him your whole life?

Have you trusted God with all your life - including your love life?  Do you have anything to share?  Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks to all and God Bless each one of you,

Chloe M.