10 Writers Tell Us The Most Rewarding Part of Blogging

When I started blogging in the summer of 2012, I would have never imagined the incredible gifts God has given me through writing. I've met amazing people online and face to face. I've learned about my faith in ways I never thought possible. I've shared my heart and in turn my readers have opened up their lives and let me into their greatest joys and hardest struggles. 

Knowing that I couldn't be the only blogger to see God at work in my life through writing, I asked 10 Catholic bloggers to tell me the greatest rewards of writing on a blog. They had some great things to say!  Their answers display their passion and joy as they reach out to others through the internet.  Check out their responses!

Kirby Hoberg - Under Thy Roof

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"The most rewarding part of Catholic blogging is meeting people I would never have met otherwise! Earlier this month I got to meet Alicia from Sweeping Up Joy in person for the first time and it felt like reuniting with an old friend. Even finding people in my tiny niche of Catholic mom of littles also doing dance or theater. There is something so comforting in finding out you are not the only one out there!

Caitlyn Anderson - Mrs. Andy, Anchored by Faith

"The most rewarding thing for me is how much I have grown in my faith since I started blogging. In a way, it's been an accountability buddy. I get a refresher course every time I crack open the Catechism to fact-check before posting, I've read the Bible more regularly, and my prayer life has never been stronger. And when I slip up or slack off, I have a (healthy) pressure to go make things right with God before I get back to the blog."

Ginny Kochis - Not So Formulaic

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"The most rewarding part of blogging is the community. There are so many good people in the Catholic blogosphere. It’s great fun."

Amy Salazar - Catholic Girl Bloggin'

"The most rewarding part is how surprisingly humbling it is to be a blogger. As I gained subscribers, I realized that I had an audience reading my every written word and I needed God's help in order to handle such a big responsibility. My earliest days as a blogger were an exercise of trusting God's providence. It's been two years since CGB started and I still remind myself that this is not solely my project; it is a team effort with God at the steering wheel. As someone who deals with anxiety, trusting fully in God has always been an issue. So placing this blog in His hands was a major step for me. Thankfully, by His grace, it has been a risky investment worth taking. Entrusting the blog to Him has grown my dependence on Him and has strengthened my faith. I would certainly call that a reward worth holding on to." 

Kimberly Cook - The Lion of Design

"The most rewarding part is the connections with others and the conversions I get to witness. There is so much isolation in our culture, and blogging is a way to reach out to others, hold each other up, and inspire one another to live better."

Pam Spano - Be Catholic . . . Really

"Probably the most rewarding part of blogging is connecting with someone in the audience.  I never know when or if something I've written will strike a chord with a reader.  I've gotten private messages or comments that have been so complimentary that I have been rendered speechless!  Such a blessing!"

Allison Gingras - Reconciled to You 

"When the Lord has used you to encourage someone to participate more fully in the Catholic faith - either by going to Reconciliation for the first time in years; or having a charge of heart that brings down walls of either anger or distrust with the Catholic Church.  Mostly though, I am just excited when someone shares that they feel closer to Christ because what I have written drew then to seek Him out!"

Leslie Sholly - Life in Every Limb

"I have loved finding community with other Catholic writers and deepening my faith because of that." 

Anni Harry - A Beautiful Camouflaged, Mess of Life

"It is so rewarding to know that I am doing God’s work through hearing from my readers and followers. Often, when I am struggling with whether or not to continue, I will receive encouragement out of the blue, from a reader, letting me know my message has touched them. Firmly believing God’s messages are being spread through my gift of writing is reward in itself more often than not."

Kate Hendrick - Stumbling Towards Sainthood  

"This is a tough question! I love blogging, but two different perspectives come to mind specifically.

If we're talking day-to-day, I'd say connecting with other faithful Catholics. It is so encouraging to interact with other people who love Christ and His Church so much.

On a bigger level, I sincerely appreciate a way to use my gifts to serve God. It is pretty amazing when I'm writing something I never planned on talking about and it just flows. It's so beautiful to hear that what we as Catholic bloggers write helps someone."